With over 30 years in the field, Match-Up Employment Agency has recruited, selected, and placed thousands of Intellectual Property Attorneys, Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, and Support Personnel across our network of California and national law firms. All of our services are free of charge to the candidate.

The Match-Up difference is simple: with such in-depth knowledge of the law firms and the fields of Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation, we place you in the firms that best fit your qualifications, interests, and career paths.

Job Seekers

If you are an Attorney, Secretary, Legal Assistant, or Paralegal looking for job placement in the State of California or elsewhere in the U.S., please send your résumé/CV.

Administrative Managers, Bookkeepers or Financial Managers with experience outside of Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation, please also forward your resume.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Gary Spiegel: (818) 366-6650.

Through our screening process, Match-Up ensures quality firms, excellent  benefits, optimal compensation, and upward mobility possibilities. We can also customize placement according to location, childcare needs, and more. Finally, Match-Up carefully considers the “personality profile” of both parties (job seeker and firm) to ensure a positive work experience.

Partner Firms

We are constantly expanding our network of employer-retained Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation law firms in California. Firms interested in learning more about Match-Up Employment Agency can send an email or contact Gary Spiegel: (818) 366-6650.

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All Match-Up job openings are on ZipRecruiter and you are more than welcome to contact us directly: matchup@matchup.org

Gary Spiegel founded Match-Up Employment Agency in the early 1980’s, the first California-based business to specialize in the recruitment, selection, and placement of attorneys in the specific fields of Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation.

The specialized focus allowed him to create strong partnerships with California and national firms, while developing methods for the evaluation and assessment of hiring firms. On the candidate side, the focus in the field of Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation translated into the ability to read into candidate profiles and match the individual needs and goals with what the different firms offer.

Match-Up Employment Agency, with over 30 years in the field, is still the only organization that specializes in Intellectual Property and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys and Administrative Staff.

Contact Gary Spiegel at any time: matchup@matchup.org or (818) 366-6650.

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Please contact Gary Spiegel at any time by phone, email, or fax.

phone: 818.366.6650  (California)
email: matchup@matchup.org
fax: 818.465.2750

And… you are more than welcome to use this contact form: