Positions: Defense Attorneys (many including Lead Attorneys) Northern CA: Bay area, San Francisco, Fresno

Positions:  Defense Attorneys (many including Lead Attorneys)

Locations:  Northern CA:  Bay area, San Francisco, Fresno


We exclusively place workers’ compensation attorneys throughout CA.  A large number of our Statewide clients are in need of experienced defense attorneys.  Those who require little to no supervision are in need.  Firms have a never-ending amount of work.  All are class “A”  firms with very high compensation packages and full benefits.  No micromanagement issues here. Start dates can be immediate or longer term per your need.

Some of these positions are for Lead Attorney and Managing Attorney and do not require previous management experience.

Most of the attorneys whom we place in these positions earn around

$ 200,000 with base and bonus.


matchup@matchup.org  /  (818) 366-6650




Over 30-years of workers’ compensation placement experience. 

Over 30-years of contacts in your industry.

NO fee to the candidate.

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