Open Search: Experienced Workers’ Comp. Defense Attorneys

Searching for experienced workers’ compensation defense attorneys, statewide (CA).

Exposure to the full range of duties from depositions to trial.  1-year minimum experience through senior level and partner experience.

If you bring business/client, the red carpet is rolled out.  Partnership opportunity exists.

Client-firms are usually mid to large-level law firms with excellent compensation and benefit packages.

As a candidate, it is your market so compensation levels reflect.  In addition, we are seeing flexibility in many areas including billable requirement.  Some firms are at 180 billables.  Work at home opportunity is growing.

Locations in S CA range from Orange County to the Inland Empire to the Southbay and from Los Angeles to Glendale/Pasadena to the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County.

In N CA San Jose to San Francisco, Eastbay, Southbay, north of San Fran as well as Fresno and Sacramento.

Just call and we’ll talk.  I am a very personalized service.

Gary Spiegel: (818) 366-6650

30-years placement experience of workers’ compensation defense attorneys in California

30-years of California Contacts available to You

NO fee to the candidate

Caring Is What It Is All About

Match-Up Employment Agency |


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